Why Shareyt Is the Next Big Thing in Social Media Marketing

The first question that comes to our mind is what is it? The answer to that question is it is a crowd sourcing platform where like minded people comes together and share each others information. The website do not charge for signing up and thereby creates a large platform for social media promotion for brands, public figures and individuals.

Since it is a free platform so greater the number of active users more is the opportunity for information to reach larger mass. The website also has a very systematic reward system for its users who are looking to earn some extra bucks by giving incentives for every share or like they make through this site.

  • Reward System:

The website has a very good incentive system for its users in the form of reward coins. shareyt rewards its user with coins for every action their users make in their website. The user can grow and promote their own social media page or they can simply cash in. The process to earn coins is very simple.


The users have to like or share any fan pages or follow someone on facebook or like his photos and users can even earn by referring someone to this site. They have a very strict policy to get rid of spammers so do not think of creating multiple accounts for referral rewards.

  • Signup Procedure:

The procedure to signup is very simple. One needs to go to their official website shareyt.com and click on the signup link. The procedure is very simple after that. There is a space where they ask their users about how they came to know about this site. It is mostly to reward that person who referred them but don’t try spamming as it is strictly prohibited.

  • How It Works:

A business needs people to know about their existence in market, a blogger needs reader who can appreciate his work and an individual needs followers and like to get a shallow satisfaction of being popular. These people have tried their hands in social media to fulfill their needs and often got scammed by other people. This is where the website comes into play. They have successfully removed the scamming threat and by using the rewarding method they have got their users hooked up to the site. As a result a blogger gets it much needed reader and the reader gets to make some extra bucks for reading an article.

  • Targeted Audiences:

The website targets bloggers, web developers, small medium enterprises, online business owners, affiliate marketers, video marketers and SEO Specialists. These audiences need a platform where more and more people can know about their existence and this website has successfully bridged the gap between them.