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The crowdsourcing platforms, for example, offers different packages for gaining likes some of which are for free while others are paid. The packages that incur some costs are delivered within few minutes after the payment transaction is made. A customer is provided with several options for making payments. This flexibility in the modes of payment helps many customers in the transaction process. One can use a credit card to make the transaction and they ensure that their system of payment and transactions are well secured and safe for any type of payment. Shareyt also has introduced PayPal which is a modern and secure system of making and taking payments. The process involved is also very simple and can be completed in few seconds. The best part of purchasing a package and making a payment at shareyt through PayPal is one does not require registering on the site for completing the transaction.

This platform does not ask an individual to disclose their personal information or data or password under any condition. On top, they are concerned about the safety of the password and personal data of their customers and recommend keeping those details secret. An individual must not share their private details with anybody as that can affect the security of the process.

An individual who has purchased a package from shareyt or is planning to do so or require any other assistance can contact their support team. One can make any request or get their questions answered or even place any suggestions about the packages or services or any other related things with the support team members. The customer support services are prompt in replying back to any queries from customers on an immediate basis. The process of using their service is pretty simple and people can access it easily.