The importance of discipline and punctuality

A man isn’t made from the kind of money that he has in his pocket or the kind of home he is born into, a man gets his personality from all of the moral values he follows in life. There are a lot of things that can be counted as moral values. They are a really important part of our lives and that’s why since school we are forced to know about a lot of moral values. There are a lot of moral values that we are meant to learn in our schooling years, two of those important ones are discipline and punctuality.




Now there is misconception about both these values that sort of creates a wrong idea about them but the sad fact is that schools are the ones who put in this wrong idea in our head. According to schools, the person who sits quite in the class is a disciplined student and someone who submits the work on time is punctual. However, both of these are only partially right. Discipline isn’t about sitting quiet for a while, it is more about how we shape our life and activities and how committed we are to them. Something like can be helpful in determining if a person is disciplined about coming to school and also check out the punctuality that is the time and regularity of it. is software that helps to create a database sort of a thing; you can read more about it on

The thing is that discipline is much more than just sitting quiet; it is more about shaping your life and being true to yourself. So it’s better than children in schools know the right meaning of the moral values and be leading their life towards nothing but greatness.