The Different Types of Saws According To Saegen Expert

Saws are equipments that are generally used for cutting purposes in several industries. There are different formats in which saws are available in the market according to the requirement of cutting. It is very important to use the correct saw for the appropriate need so that the whole purpose does not get ruined. Portals like are available to give information about the different types of saws.

The Jig saws

  • According to saegen expert, these saws are mainly used for cutting certain metals, plastic and wood.
  • This is used to make interior cuts and in areas where detail cutting is needed.
  • Jig saws usually make cut at curves rather than straight lines.
  • These are light in weight and are usually operated by hand.
  • The blades are vertical that carry out an up-down movement.

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The chain type saws

  • These saws are not used for wood or any similar material.
  • It is used in areas where the work requires huge power.
  • This is used to cut brush or fell trees.
  • The chain saw is mainly operated by motor.
  • There is a chain for cutting with pointed teeth that revolves around the arm that is extended.

The circular type of saws

  • According to saegen expert, these saws are quite popular as they are portable.
  • These are not used for finishing purpose work.
  • These saws make quick cuts easily.
  • It is used to cut lumber.
  • These are operated electrically and have a circular blade that rotates.

The band saw

  • It is used to cut metal or wood.
  • It is mainly used to cut wood to make thinner pieces.
  • The blade of the saw is thin and has a surface area that is large.
  • These saws have a cutting table with it. These come in various sizes that can be us as per the requirement of cutting.

These are the basic types of saws that are used although there are several other minor varieties as well depending on the requirement.