LinkedIn- One of the fast moving professional network

In the current millennium, everything is moving digital and online. These two things are working as one of the fast growing and widely used things all over the world. You can see different social media sites like Facebook etc. making their presence as one of the topmost revenue generating companies of the world. In professional network, LinkedIn holds the fort and is used by professional to highlight their skills. LinkedIn profiles are now source of resume to the companies you are applying. Everyone wants the candidate LinkedIn profile so that they can observe it and judge where the individual stands.


LinkedIn allows you to tell about

  • Your experience in the companies. This includes the number of companies you have worked for and from what time period
  • It helps you put and showcase the certification done and the achievements received in your career
  • Your school and intermediate marks and certifications.
  • Your skill set in different fields. This is one of the most used, where the person skill would be voted by other individuals.

The vaster a network of people you have in LinkedIn the more good your profile is. In order to increase the number of people in your network you can look up for the site such as shareyt. This works by increasing the people in your network as well as endorsing your skills. They charge a very nominal amount which you can pay and take, or earn using doing same things for others. http://shareyt.comis using a barter system model which allows you to work in a same way for other as well. The tokens you earn here can be used to pay for the other task which you want people to do for you. Increasing the strength of your LinkedIn profile is going to help you a lot in your professional career.