Get Connected with San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors One-O-One Odds

A splendid match was conducted between two well-known basketball teams namely the golden state warriors and San Antonio players.  Warriors were over 216 in number that was held under exciting NBA schedule. Handicappers and fans of San Antonio were benefitted through this idea as they could look into the position of the opponent. They could also take the Golden state warriors to the west side of the play-pool at the Oracle Arena.

One of the leading news updating site namely centsports have brought up thrilling talks about the two teams where they brilliantly mash up odds and picks on the first run.

Schedule of the tournament:


The game took place on a Saturday which corresponds to the date 10th February, 2018. Emerging fans with exciting voices shrilled from all corners of the game zone. The place of happening was Oracle Arena and the bet was absolutely amazing as it went on.

Team members like Klay Thompson of San Antonio came up with 27 points at the end of the game. While Kevin Durant and Steph Curry scored 21 and 24 respectively. They saved 10 rebounds alternatively but due to the absence of talented shots of Kawhi Leonard, their team went a lot down in score than the Golden warriors. Cent sports and other similar websites have included these particular details of player reviews in a well mannered form.

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