Facts about shareyt.com and how it works

There is a very popular and effective system on Facebook which is the system of providing star ratings to businesses after hiring them for any work. This way the customers can freely share experiences they have gained by working with a particular business. These rating can be really helpful for future customers. There are options for both positive as well as negative reviewing. Thus if a person is not satisfied with the work of a particular business he or she can provide less number of stars in the rating system whereas the vice versa system of providing all 5 stars is also available.


Websites like shareyt help in boosting business by offering positive reviews on Facebook. The more star ratings a business gets the more new people are encouraged to provide a rating to that particular business. This way the business and all its updates appear on the news feed. The common humans can come to know about more number of new businesses. The businesses like Sharey profits by spreading their brand awareness among more number of readers and users.

There are a number of benefits of getting Facebook reviews. These star ratings help in influencing the Edge Rank in Facebook. The transparency of any brand increases and the business makes credits. As with everything has a positive side as well as a negative side, in the same manner, this rating system can be used negatively by many people. There is a possibility that one receives a poor rating. Situations can be worse if that particular user who has offered a negative review sets up strict and strong privacy settings. This bars the owner of the business to even respond back or connect with them to clear all misunderstanding and convince them if anything had ever gone wrong in the past.