A Giant Leap in the Healthcare Service for the Patient

CareMetx, LLA was found in the year 2011 by longtime partners who had extensive knowledge in the field of specialty drug commercialization business Dresing and Mark Hansen. This company has successfully built technology that has set new benchmark in the life science industry and provides assurance for quick response patient support services for both their old and new clients. The CEO of the company believes their ability to provide high quality service to their clients through better idea is the source of motivation for his team to develop pioneering digital solutions.

The tie up that opened new horizons:

In November 19 of 2013, CareMetx, LLC tied knots with Pharma Dynamics, Inc to provide combined service to its clients. The CareMetx Chairman holds majority shares of the combined company. PDI specializes in providing call centre and product launch support whereas CareMetx specialized in serving drug manufacturers. The merging of these companies has expanded the boundaries in the hub services for pharmaceutical companies. The Chairman Robert K. Dresing said, “This is a combination of two like-minded entities whose primary focus is on serving patient. PDI’s call center expertise along with CareMetx technology and services will bring new innovative options to manufacturers.”

Loyalty of the client:

The Company enjoys a very high level of trust in their client’s mind. The owner of the company believes that the reason for such high trustworthiness among their clients is because of their experienced working personnel who have dedicated their entire career on patient priority. The company also believes that they are committed to hire and train new teams comprising of like-minded people. In the official website they have emphasized a lot on their history. The owners are part of the healthcare hub services business for over decade, previously with TheraCom in 90’s and CareMatx in 2011.

Hiring Policy:

The hiring policy for new employees also looks very impressive. They claim to follow the principle of equal pay and equal rights for its worker. They don’t hire on contractual basis rather they hire their workers and provide medical and other necessary benefits from the first day.